FOLDING & FINISHING: Packaging and decorative gravure presses normally operate reel-to-reel, i.e. the printed web is wound onto a new reel, which can then be taken to the next process step in the manufacture of the finished product. In some cases the web is cut into sheets which are stacked. Packaging presses can also combine in-line finishing processes including laminating, cutting, creasing, embossing, etc.

In a publication gravure press, the printed web is fed straight into the folder superstructure, where it is slit into individual ribbons. These are brought on top of each other by means of turner bars, and fed into the lower folder, where they are cut into sections by the knives on a cutting cylinder, folded on the jaw cylinder and taken away by the delivery cylinder. The result is each hour 55 000 individual signatures are produced, which will be either stitched and finished in a single operation in-line on the press or become parts of subsequent bindery products. Bindery finishing can include collecting several signatures, a combination of inserts and covers, binding, trimming and addressing.