ERA Packaging Colour Management Group
The main issue of the group is the absence of colour management standards in the packaging prepress industry. Brands and design/repro agencies are not always aware of printing, engraving and other pre press properties, such as printing inks, colour curves, substrates, printing press, colour spaces etc. For this reason additional work and costs (also for the brand customer) are in most of the cases involved when repro is supplied by the brand/agency. Repro needs to be reworked to fit in the individual engraving printing workflows and standards which implies additional costs.

The goal of this working group is to find out if a common agreed "standard" can be found between all parties involved in all steps of the complete workflow. This means the definition of a standard in a wider sense that includes the needs of all parties involved to ensure a proper colour result on all workflow levels.

Chairman is Lothar Roth of the Janoschka Group.